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Coiled Steel Load B&O Insulated Boxcars (Class B-074)...
Insulated boxcars are some of my favorite cars.  They usually come in yellow sided paint schemes with blue markings.  There were however a few Chessie insulated boxcars that received the standard boxcars scheme of blue with yellow markings.  You can usually spot these cars with their "plug" door that sits flush to the car, not like the standard boxcar door that sits on the outside of the car.  Class B-074 was such a class.  They were delivered in predecessor blue schemes as well.

I had accumulated five Walthers 50' FGE Insulated Box Cars (932-4750).  I did three of them in FGE paint schemes and didn't need two more.  I chose to look for a closely matching Chessie prototype and found the B-074.  It's not perfect, but it is really close.

B-074 class boxcars came in B&O road numbers 482200-482399 and C&O road numbers 482000-482199 and were built in 1967.  That is 400 boxcars, which is not a particularly large class.  The door on the B-074 was significantly different than on the B-074A sub-class.  The Walthers kit most closely matches the B-074 seen here.

Below is a photo of the actual boxcar.  The photo is from the Fallen Flags website.

How to:
1.  Luckily Walthers FGE is a close match.  I started with two undecs.  They come in yellow plastic.
2.  Paint the cars and roofs Polly Scale C&O Enchantment Blue.
3.  Paint the inside and the bottoms Polly Scale Engine Black.
4.  Glue the weights in the cars.
5.  Spray the car with Testors Gloss Coat, to get it ready for decals.
6.  Decal the car.  I chose B&O 482212 and 482382, but you can chose any one in the series.  I used Herald King B-140 Dark Blue 40' or 50' Box Car (5-73) Set.  I used consolidated stencils from a Microscale set I had on hand.  Spray the car with Testors Dull Coat the car when complete.
7.  Assemble the car per the directions.  Weather the car lightly on the sides with black pastels.  Weather the roof with shades of rust and black.  Seal the weathering with Testors Dull Coat.
8.  You are done.  You now have two interesting, and more accurate insulated boxcars.  They will break up the string of yellow insulated boxcars and be very prototypical.

Below are the two cars painted C&O Enchantment Blue.

Below the two cars have been painted black on the inside and the bottom.  No need to paint the floor, the weight will hide it and it won't appear translucent.

Below the cars are decaled and ready for assembly and weathering.

Below are photos of the finished cars.  Note the small differences in the repaints.  The "Chessie System", Ches-C logo, road #s and letters, dimensional setncils and consolidated stencils are all in different places, as seen on the prototype photos.