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B&O Wagontop Caboose B&O Wagontop Caboose...
B&O had quite a few wagontop cabooses.  Many were still in service on secondary assignments by 1972, when the Chessie era started.  Some were painted into the Chessie scheme with an attractive silver roof.  They are really good looking cabooses in the Chessie yellow, orange and blue scheme.  The problem is, no one makes one in injected plastic.  You can find ones made from brass, but that will cost a hundred dollars or more per car.

Two additions in the resin market have made this class (and other minor variants) easy to model.  The first is Pacific Mountain Scale Shops (PMSS).  This kit came out around 2003 or so, but is no longer being made.  The neat thing about all the versions PMSS offered was that one was a Chessie era specific variant with retention toilet tank, etc.  These all came in kit form, unpainted, but did come with decals included.

The most recent addition is the Spring Mills Depot kit.  Both of these are relatively expensive offerings around $40-60 each.  The Spring Mills Depot ones are more expensive but come ready to run.  Spring Mills offers B&O blue and Chessie B&O paint schemes.   

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of one.