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bevbelrrboxcars Bachmann Boxcars...
Below are pics of my Bachmann boxcars.  Bachmann makes highly inaccurate Chessie paint jobs.  Mine are both repainted Bachmann insulated boxcars.  I like to think of Bachmann as a C- kind of model company.  They don't offer accurate stuff and tend more toward the toy end of the hobby.  However, some of their cars do have OK detail and can be reworked into decent stand ins.  I do not plan on acquiring any more cars by this manufacturer, but I will keep using the few I got early in my modeling career.

B-053 (B&O 475000-475074, C&O 23000-23164)
Chessie B&O 475014 (Custom painted and decaled model)

B&O 475033 (Custom painted and decaled model)