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Bachmann Wide Vision Caboose Bachmann Wide Vision Caboose...
Bachmann makes a wide vision caboose that is a horrible model.  I would not recommend buying this car.

Below is what the real Chessie standard yellow paint job looks like.  Big things here are the long Chessie System logo that runs the length of the car and the C&O lettering on the cupola.  The Bachmann car has a very B&O reminiscent paint job.  It actually originally came with a B&O number written down on the body of the car!  I stripped this off and added extra Herald King decals for a C&O unit on the cupola.  But the Ches-C logo stands out like a sore thumb.

Below the one Bachmann caboose I built.  It wa modified to look as good as I could.  The metal wheels are nice, so don't just throw the kit away.  Salvage these parts first.  I painted the wheels and ends blue.  They came black.  I painted the end rails orange and yellow and the window frames silver.  I have since retired this model as it is so unprototypical.  I suggest the Athearn or Atlas wide vision cabooses instead.