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BevBel PS Covered Hopper Bev-Bel PS Covered Hopper...
Bev-Bel makes a very good covered hopper.  It isn't perfect when it comes to accuracy, but it is nicely lettered and with a few adjustments makes a good car.  Bev-Bel did custom decoration of other manufacturers' cars.  They started with Athearn cars most of the time.  These PS Covered Hoppers are are Athearn kits.  I do not believe Bev-Bel is still in business, but you can still find their models.

Below is a pic of a real Pullman Standard (PS) type covered hopper.

How to make a Bev-Bel PS Covered Hopper:
1.  The bottom of PS styled hoppers for Chessie are black not yellow.  Paint the bottom black.
2.  Assemble as per the instructions.  Make sure to glue the weight in there really good.
3.  Weather with a dark wash.  Overspray with dark grey overall and tan along the bottom.  Use an eraser and erase the paint on the vertical ribs that are all over the car.  This really highlights them.  Next use pastels or drybrushing to streak white down the sides.  This represents the spilled load.

Below is my Bev-Bel covered hopper ready to hit the rails.