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Bev-Bel Bay Window Caboose Bev-Bel Bay Window Caboose...
Bev-Bel is a company that takes Athearn undecorated models and custom paints them.  Mostly what you will see are Chessie schemes that are not available by any other manufacturer.  Bev-Bel makes every safety cabin in bay window that I know of.  There is one catch, the Athearn kit they start with is not any where near accurate for a Chessie bay window.  You can look at the Athearn Bay window kit review for my feelings on the kit.  The Bev-Bel paint job is really nice.  I received one as a gift and am trying hard to improve it without messing up the nice paint job.  You should pay around $8 for one.  Don't pay $10.  I see lots of them on eBay for $9.99 starting bids.  I have also found some at train shows.  Safety cabooses are great.  It is fun to collect them all.  No other railroad had such a rainbow of cabooses.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real thing.  To the right and below is my Bev-Bel Bay Window in work.  This caboose has stood in well, but will be retired once a better kit becomes available.  Notice that the window arrangement on the sides is the biggest flaw on the Athearn kit.  The Bev-Bel white sides though are very nicely done.  Because the windows on the Athearn kit are so messed up, I wouldn't recommend buying this kit if you want accurate bay window cabooses.  Buy the WrightTrak C26, which will allow you to build most of the B&O safety cabooses and all of their Careful Car Handling schemed cars.