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Bev-Bel Double Door Boxcar Bev-Bel Double Door Boxcar...
Bev-Bel makes an excellent double door 50foot boxcar.  It is not perfect for the Chessie System, but it is real close.  The paint job on this kit is outstanding.  The lettering is great.  The colors are right on.  It is one of the very few kits that has the Chessie bowling ball safety logo on it.  This is a very nice touch.  This is actually an Athearn kit that is custom decorated by Bev-Bel.  I have regular Athearn double door boxcars covered in another kit review.  I got my Bev-Bel boxcar for $10 at a train show.  That is a little more then I like to spend, but its worth it.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of a real double door

Below is a pic of my Bev-Bel Double Door Boxcar.  You won't need to do any cutting or sanding on this kit.  Just assemble it and weather it.  In no time you will have a very sharp double door boxcar on your line.  The only real problem I know of with this kit is that the consolidated stencil decal is yellow writing on a blue background, it should be two black squares with white writing.  You can easily correct this by putting a correct decal over it.  You can easily see the bowling ball safety logo just to the right of the B&O letters.