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Bev-Bel Pullman Standard Type Covered Hopper Bev-Bel Pullman Standard Type Covered Hopper...
Bev-Bel makes an outstanding large Chessie Pullman Standard rib-sided covered hopper.  The kit comes in several road numbers, but I have just one.  The kit is really accurate for the Chessie covered hoppers.  The only major flaw is that the bottom comes painted yellow.  You will need to paint it black and weather it to be more accurate.  This kit is actually an Athearn kit that Bev-Bel paints in the Chessie scheme.  They run around $9-10 each.  If you can find one, pick it up.  An accurate train of covered hoppers will have both ACF and PS type covered hoppers.  So, add some of these to break up all those Accurail ACF hoppers.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of one.

Below is my Bev-Bel PS Type Covered Hopper.  This is a great purchase.  Choose this kit and you will just have to assemble and weather it.  Nothing fancy.  The B&O logo and car numbers are a little narrow, but that is a very minor problem.  It has good coloring and the printing of the letters on it are very sharp.