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Bev-Bel PS1 50 foot boxcar Bev-Bel PS-1 50 foot boxcar...
Bev-Bel made these PS-1 50 foot boxcars years ago.  They are no longer produced to the best of my knowledge.  I got one on eBay and four others from a friend.  I expect you can still find one or two on eBay if you look.  I got mine for $7-8 a piece.  These are not Athearn kits like most Bev-Bel products, but are Robin Rail kits.  They have lots of little parts, but by comparing my kits to real pictures, most of these little parts are not needed.

The best thing these kits have going for them are they are nearly perfect for Chessie boxcars.  There is no cutting or sanding needed on these.  There are however shortcomings.  The kits come in a very royal blue color.  I had to weather mine lots to make the blue look darker.  Also the yellow is a shade too much on the lemon yellow side.  The should be more golden yellow.  Finally, they don't come with end numbers or consolidated stencil decals.  I had to add these.  My plan is to rework all of these cars with accurate paint and decals in the future.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real thing.

Below are two of my 5 of these.  For all of them, look on the freight cars page under boxcars.