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Bev-Bel Quasi Reefer Bev-Bel Insulated Boxcar...
Bev-Bel is a company that takes kits made by other companies and decorates them in unique paint schemes.  The only problem is that Bev-Bel does not always do their homework.  They have released some great kits, but others are so far off base you should strip them and start over.  This next kit may be that sort of project for you.

Bev-Bel kits are expensive compared to the Athearn blue box kits, most are made from.  I got this one for $8 and was robbed.  I bought it very early on in my Chessie modeling only to find out shortly afterwards that Chessie didn't have any all yellow 40 foot insulated boxcars.  So, what to do???  I decided initially to make it my third stand in insulated boxcar to join my two Bachmanns.

I have since stripped this car and repainted it, decaling it with a prototypical paint job.

I would show you a pic of a 40 foot all yellow Chessie boxcar, but they do not exist.  Below is a pic of the closest thing around, and it is a 50 foot refrigerated boxcar.

Stripping this car and starting over is a good option.  However, only three 40 foot boxcars ever received Chessie paint, so you may want to paint it in a predecessor paint scheme.  As for what else is wrong with this kit...  The markings are all wrong.  The Ches-C logo is way too far towards the middle of the car.  The C&O letters and road number are also too far towards the center of the car.  I didn't waste my time adding a consolidated stencil decal since this car was so bad already.  This car also has a regular type door instead of a plug door needed to keep the contents cool in a refrigerated boxcar.  The ends and roof came yellow out of the box and I painted them blue and weathered the car heavily to hide the car as much as possible.  Out of the box this car is about 10% accurate.  Stripping it and starting over is your best bet with this car.  But when you shell out $8 for it, like I did, you may find that a hard thing to do.