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Bowser PS small covered hopper Bowser PS small covered hopper...
Bowser makes an outstanding small Pullman Standard Covered Hopper.  I got mine for around $9 at a hobby shop.  I would recommend you get these if you see them.  Bowser makes semi-limited runs of cars.  There are different road numbers available all the time.  Each run has different road numbers.  It is possible to have 20 or 30 different road numbers over time.  Right now these cars come only in WM predecessor and Chessie WM paint from Bowser.  The third run of C&O ones offered are the really old all black scheme, which was extremely rare in the Chessie Era.  I wouldn't recommend that C&O paint job.  You can also buy an undecorated Bowser kit and decal it yourself for a Chessie painted car.  Bowser has made there name as a prototypically correct model company, and this kit show that.  It is right on for the WM cars.

You should pick up the ones in the WM speed lettering.  Mine is in the old circular logo.  This would be a rare car in this paint job in the Chessie Era.  The speed lettered ones (also offered by Bowser) are much more common.  I plan on getting some of those too.  You need some of these small rib sided (Pullman Standard type) covered hoppers to compliment the small ACF covered hoppers.  Chessie had both, and they both ran together servicing industries with sand, cement, and other dense materials.

Below is a pic of the real thing.  It is a Dean Heacock pic.  This one is in the WM Speed lettering paint scheme, that the other runs of Bowser kit better approximates.

Below is one of my Bowser PS small covered hoppers.  These cars were old by the time the Chessie Era started, so make sure to weather them lots to show those years of service.  These cars get sand and cement spilled all over them.  Weather them with white and tan to show this.