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Canstock Boxcar Canstock Boxcar...
Canstock boxcars were designed with very large offset doors.  They were made to transport the fragile sheets of rolled metal used to make cans.  These "Canstock" cars were delivered in a B&O scheme but got repainted into the Chessie colors.  They are unique in that they have the Chessie logo smack in the middle of the car.  All other Chessie boxcars have the logo offset to the right.  But with the door on the right, the logo was moved to the middle. 

Spring Mills Depot released this class as a ready to run car in 2012.  They offer B&O and Chessie B&O paint schemes in several numbers.  They also offer undecorated cars and I have the decals.  Herald King is the only one I know of that makes the decals for these cars.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real thing.