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Con-Cor 100T Hopper Con-Cor 100 ton hopper...
Con-Cor makes a Chessie 100 ton hopper that you really don't need to waste your time buying.  This falls much more into the "toy" realm compared to the "model" realm.  It is actually a kit based on an industrial hopper that runs in steel mills.  It is not accurate for any class of Chessie hopper.  I bought three of these kits before I knew any better.  Don't make the same mistake I did.  Save your money, buy a Stewart 70 ton or a Bowser 100 ton instead.  They go for around $6-7 each.  You can get them on eBay for $5-6 each.

Below is a pic of a typical Chessie 100 ton hopper.  Another Dean Heacock photo.

The Con-Cor kit has several flaws with the markings too.  The C&O is way too thin.  The numbers are too.  The Ches-C logo is too small as well.  I added ACI decals to mine, but these are not present on all hoppers.  I have retired all three of these cars.  

Below is one of my Con-Cor 100 ton hoppers.