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Con-Cor Gondola Con-Cor gondola...
Gondolas are notoriously inaccurate on the market.  Few exceptions exist.  This Con-Cor gondola is one.  It is fairly close to the G-8 class (C&O 31800-32199).  This kit comes as a covered gondola, but the G-8 class is an open gondola.  Save the hoods and the coils for other projects.  The coils will make a very good load for any of the many classes of coil carrying gondolas.

Below is a real pic of that class.  It is the one I will be doing.  Dean Heacock picture.

                                                                            Dean Heacock photo

How to:
1.  Puchase the Con-Cor gondola.  Mine came decorated for Chessie in a bogus dark blue paint job.
2.  Carefully sand off the decorations.  The Ches-C logo will take the longest, as it is the thickest.
3.  Paint the car, inside and out engine black.  Also paint the underside piece if you want.  It comes black, but I painted mine anyway.
4.  Spray the outsides of the car with gloss coat.
5.  Decal the car with Champs HG-139 Chessie gondola set.
6.  Spray the car with Testors Dull Coat.
7.  Assemble the car as per the directions.  I replaced the kit provided couplers with Kadee #5s.
8.  Paint the wheel faces roof brown.
9.  To weather the car drybrush shades of black mixed with roof brown all over the car.  Keep it off the yellow decals if you want the car to look new, put it over the decals if you want a beat up Chessie paint job.  Also dry brush with shades of black mixed with white.  Drybrush both inside and outside the car.
10.  The final weathering feature is to add dirt in the car.  Gondolas are never clean.  They don't get cleaned out after each use, like they should.  Spray the inside bottom of the car with Dull Coat.  You may want to tape off the inside walls so they don't get wet.  I take fine dirt from under my door mat of all places and sprinkle it onto the wet Dull Coat.  When it is dry spray some more dull coat on the dirt to hold it all in place.
11.  You are done, enjoy your Chessie gondola.

Below is what you get in the box.  Only keep the left two pieces.  The hoods and parts for the hoods can be kept for future projects.

Below is the car, still dark blue, but with the markings sanded off.  I use 400 grit sand paper for this.

Below is the car painted engine black and ready for decaling.

Below is the gon decaled and ready for assembly and weathering.

Below is the finished gon, ready to earn its keep.