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weaverton Cumbo...
Below is the module through Cumbo, WV.  The York Hill module attaches to the left of this piece and the Cherry Run module attaches to the right.

Independent of the discussion on the York Hill module, the Cumbo module is going to stay as is for now.  This is the stickiest point of the East End to design correctly.  I am still thinking about this part of the line and may change my mind again.

There is still a small yard there throughout the Chessie era to interchange cars with Conrail.  This facility saw alot of traffic before the WM and B&O got together.  But with a WM/B&O team there was no longer much need to interchange with Conrail here.  The interchange between WM and B&O at Cherry Run became increasingly important in the Chessie era, and this interchange at Cumbo was used less and less.  Few cars were actually interchanged.  It was used as a storage yard.