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E&C Shops 50 foot boxcar E&C Shops 50 foot double door boxcar...
E&C shops may or may not still be in business.  I don't know for sure.  I found this kit on eBay and paid around $8 for it.  It looks real good coming out of the box.  The colors are good, the lettering is good.  I don't know how accurate the roof is.  It may be wrong.  Frankly, I don't worry about that sort of detail.  I would say this model is atleast 80% accurate.  I built this kit long ago, so I do not remember if I added the consolidated stencil or not.  Also, I am unsure if it has the end road numbers on it or not.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real thing.

Below is my one and only E&C 50 foot boxcar.  Again, the doors would need to be different sizes to better match the prototype above, but that can be overlooked.  Other than that, just assemble it and weather it.