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Ed Quinones' models Ed Quinones' models...
Below are several pics of Ed Quinones' superdetailed Chessie models.  Ed does just about everything you possibly can to his model.  They are true masterpieces.  Enjoy.

This is the "All American" diesel.  In 1982 Trains magazine picked the "average" railroad based on miles and revenue (The B&O) and the "average" class of locomotive based on horsepower (the GP38).  They then picked at random one of the units in the class, they chose #3802.  #3802 is currently at the B&O Museum awaiting painting from its current CSX pumpkin scheme to this Chessie Scheme.  Notice on the battery box there is a special "All American" diesel decal.  The model is an Athearn GP38-2 that Ed replaced the cab with a Cannon cab, added mu hoses, mu steps, lift rings, uncoupling levers, winshield wipers, cab sunshades, and air horn.  Ed also modified this to be a constant lighting unit, that means that the brightness of the light does not change with the speed of the locomotive.  Also Ed used a strip of black decal for the slot in the battery box and made the "All American" diesel decal himself.

Ed's SD50 is an SD60 Rail Power shell that has had new Cannon doors and sides put on to be more prototypical.  It also has Cannon cab, sub-bases, anti climbers and long hood end.  It has a Details West plow and horn too.  Ed even put see through "Q" type fans on the top.  The MU recepticals and rooftop exhaust hatch are Details Associates parts.  Ed bent his own hand rails from piano wire and threaded them through Athearn stantions.  He even replaced the truck sideframes with Train Station products that he added air brake and sanding lines too.  The "elephant ears" were unique to #8570 and only lasted a few months.  Ed made them out of styrene.  Overall an incredibly detailed model of a one of a kind Chessie SD50.

Another view of #8570.  Those blue "elephant ears" on the back were an experiment Chessie did to solve the overheating problem with SD50's.  It did not work, and they were removed after only a few months.

A slightly out of focus pic of a C&O GP39 slug mother with a C&O slug.  The GP39 is an Athearn GP38-2 that has been modified with new dynamic brake hatches from a GP40-2.  It has detail MU hoses, recepticles, and steps added.  Also see through steps, winshield wipers, lift rings, air horn and uncoupling levers make this another highly detailed unit.  The slug is actually an old GP18 kit from AHM with ends cut down from an Athearn shell.  The sides were built with Cannon doors and styrene.  MU hoses, MU steps, and uncoupling levers round out the details.  It is actually powered and can turn some heads when just a slug is running around a layout.