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more of Ed Quinones's stuff Ed Quinones's stuff (page 2)...
Ed sent me some more of his work and it is fabulous.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

The SD40-2 #7618 on the left is a Kato engine.  Ed removed the wire radiator grills and replaced them with Cannon parts.  The nose was also replaced with Cannon parts so it is now the proper length.  He also added the Details West K5LA horn and Chessie rock pilot.  It also has A-Line see through steps.  The blue unit is a GP40 from an Atlas kit that Ed painted and detailed himself.

The GP40-2 below is a model of the last Chessie GP40-2 #4447.  It is an Athearn GP50 that was back dated to Phase III GP40-2 standards.  All the typical Chessie details were added and it is even posed with the doors open and the prime mover showing!

Below is an improved Athearn Bay Window caboose in the "Careful Car Handling" paint scheme.  The end grabs were made of wire and soldered together.  The window screen is Scale Scenics mesh mounted on flat brackets.  Behind it is an Atlas wide vision caboose which Ed added the walkways, ladders and roof top grab irons to.  That yellow block on the right is the only transfer caboose Chessie ever had.  Ed made it from an Athearn box car underframe, caboose step platform and styrene ends.

Below is an Athearn cow/calf set.  Notice the steps are blanked out on the front of #9554.  Ed added the hand rail stancions all the way around.

Another clearer picture of Ed's GP39 and slug.  Great work.

Below is a pic of another Athearn GP40-2.  This one is a Phase I unit with silver trucks.  Some of the first order of GP40-2's had silver trucks, this is one of them.  All the typical detial parts were added.

Another pic of Ed's Atlas SD40-2 and the Athearn improved bay window caboose.