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Eric Clark has been modeling Chessie for over a decade.  He does some amazing work.  See the photos below for a sampling.

Below is a module the Eric is currently working on.  Note the MofW passenger car on the right and broad collection of paint schemes.

Below is a black and white pic of GP40-2 #4154 that Eric did a few years ago. It is an Athearn unit with paint and details added. The trailing unit is CF7 painted for the fictional Mid Western Railway.  It has a WM inspired scheme.  This pic is on a 2' x 8' diaroma and has since been dismantled.

Below is a pic of another Athearn GP40-2.  This one is painted and decaled for C&O #4168.  Eric added lots of details to this kit including a horn, grab irons, Chessie rock pilot, mu hoses, mu step, etc.

Below is a pic of Eric's WM SD35 #7435.  It is a Con-Cor kit that Eric built and painted in the early 1990's.  He sold this model in a Cinicinnati hobby shop years ago.

Below are two pics showing Eric's recreation of Pit Yard in Hamilton, Ohio.  The top is the prototype pic shot by Eric in 1983.  The bottom is his model of the same scene.  The GP9 is #6166 and is a Trains Unlimited shell on an Athearn frame with lots of custom details and paint.  The GP39 is #3909.  It is an old Atlas kit that Eric detailed from their GP38 locomotive.  Eric has since reworked the GP39 and it now rides on an Athearn frame.