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flatcars Flat cars....
These types of cars are great for just about any type of load you want to show off.

F-05A (C&O 80510-80562)
C&O 80542 (Purchased as an decorated kit at a hobby store)

F-15 (B&O 8400-8499, 8900-8979, 9000)
B&O 8943 (Purchased as an decorated model off eBay)

F-21 (C&O 80800-80839)

C&O 80812 (Custom painted and decaled)

F-29 (WM 2601-2710)
WM 2703 (Custom decaled from older WM paint scheme)

F-30 (WM 6010-6011)
WM 6010 (Scratchbuilt off Mainline Modeler article)

WM 6011 (Scratchbuilt off Mainline Modeler article, shown with electrical transormer load)

F-31 (WM 2401-2475)

WM 2458 (Custom decaled from older WM paint scheme)

WM 2467 (Custom painted and decaled model)