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Front Range GP9 Review Front Range GP9 Review...
Front Range made an excellent GP9 kit.  They are hard to come by today, but if you find one pick it up.  Life-Like Proto 2000 puts out GP9s now in severa phases, so if you can't find a Front Range, pick up the Proto loco.

I got mine as a dummy for $9.

The kit is dead on for C&O units 5901-6008.  The good news is that this is the same series that the C&O traded units to both the B&O and WM.  This includes several of the rare all blue WM units.  Also, all three roads had Chessie painted versions of this locomotive.  There are also several versions of the C&O blue paint job in this class.  As you can now see, this kit offers a multitude of modeling possibilities.

I can't find anything wrong with this kit.  I had to put on the bell, horn, grab irons, and pilot details myself, but that is it.  No cutting or sanding.  This kit is as closed to perfect as I can find for a GP9 kit.

Below is a pic of a real GP from that series.

                                                                    Dean Heacock photo

Below is a pic of mine.  I am currently working on this project.  Check out my Front Range GP9 tips page for more info.