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Below are some excellent pics of Chessie locomotives in action from Gary.  All were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel digital camera on the Nashua Valley Railroad Association layout in Bolton, MA.

Below is just the sort of meet most of us Chessie fans hope for.  Chessie C&O SD40's 7551 and 7557 meet under a signal bridge near SU tower.

Below a Chessie SD40 leads two Conrail units (note the painted out Reading unit in the rear) by SU tower.  That garbage truck will have a long time to wait as this slow coal drag goes on by.

Below is a head on shot of the same train passing SU.

Below is what Chessie looked like in 1985 and beyond.  Chessie trains started seeing more and more Seaboard power in the years proceeding the introduction of the CSX paint job.  Around 1986 Chessie's days were clearly numbered.  Here a Seaboard SD50 leads a Chessie SD50 with a long cut of enclosed autoracks.  CSX made sure to number both roads units consecutively for ease in combining the rosters in 1987.