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gondolas Gondolas...
The pick up trucks of the railroad.  Gondolas are some of the most beat up pieces of rolling stock around.  They were used to haul just about anything that didn't need protection from the elementsChessie had a wide variety of paint jobs for gondolas.  Predecessor B&O and C&O ones were black with white markings.  WM were red with white markings.  Chessie ones were black with yellow markings.  Also, Chessie (both B&O and C&O) bought second hand Railgon gondolas.  Instead of fully repainting them, they just relettered them. 

A few small classes of gondolas were outfitted with covers and one is modeled here.  All three roads had a few of these type of gons.

Below are the ones I have done so far.  Adding a little dirt and junk into the bottoms of your gondolas will make them look much more prototypical.  They never get fully cleaned out between uses.  There are also many good prototypical loads available to fit in these gons.

Listed here in numerical order by class are my gons.

G-05 Class (C&O 218850-218949)
C&O 218888 (Purchased as a deocrated kit)

C&O 218949 (Purchased as a deocrated kit)

G-08A Class (C&O 31800-32199)

C&O 31811 (Stripped, custom painted and decaled by me.)

G-17 Class (C&O 37300-37499)
C&O 37345 (Stripped, custom painted and decaled by me.)

G-26 Class (B&O 367000-367499, C&O 367500-367999)
Chessie B&O 367259 (Purchased as a decorated kit at a train show.)

G-39 Class (WM 58001-58075, 58151-58190)
WM 58074 (Custom painted and decaled by me.)

G-40A Class (WM 54951-54960)
WM 54955 (Customer painted and decaled by me with scrach built covers)


G-43 Class (B&O 356500-357599)
B&O 357201 (Custom painted and decaled by me)

G-45 Class (B&O 350000-350999, C&O 351000-351499)
B&O 350232 (Purchased as a decorated kit)

B&O 350477  (Purchased as a decorated kit, but I renumbered to a real B&O road number)