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gregstevens Greg Stevens...
Greg Stevens donated this picture of his kitbashed HC-44 class covered hopper.  It is a Details Associates kit that has been modified to be prototypically correct.  Look for the article on how the model was done in an upcoming Chessie News article (the Chessie System Historical Society's newsletter).

Greg sent in these models.  Hope you like them.  The first is an Atlas cylindrical hopper that Greg painted and decaled himself.  The second pic is of two Walthers autoracks that Greg also painted and decaled himself.  He used Islip Train Station decals on the autoracks.

Next up for Greg are these three WM Safety Cabins, a MofW flat and boxcar, and a WM gondola.

Greg also sent pics of his second Atlas cylindrical hopper and a Walthers C&O Autorack.  Greg painted and decaled them both himself.  The Autorack was done with Islip Train Station decals.

Below is Greg's third Atlas cylindrical hopper.  This is a 6 bay C&O one, compare it with the pair of three bay covered hoppers above.  The bays on this car are hard to see in this pic, but you can just make out the six doors under the blue sill.

Below is a pic of an Eastern Car Works 70 ton AAR gondola.  It was built straight from the box and decaled with Champ decals.

Greg sent in these two shots of his recently completed Chessie 86' boxcars.  They are custom painted with Champ decals.

Greg sent in these photos too.
Very nice