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weaverton Hancock...
Below is the module through Hancock.  The Potomac Air Park module attaches to the left of this piece and the Magnolia Cutoff module attaches to the right.

Hancock is what really got me interested in the East End.  It is a perfect spot to model railroad.  There is a switch tower, a little yard, a small set of storage tracks, an industrial spur, a road bridge, and a darling little station.  Everything you ever wanted is right here in Hancock.  The tower at Hancock is even abbreviated "HO", perfect for a model railroad in that scale.  The main operating feature here is the Berkley Springs Industrial Track.  This track branches off in the upper left hand corner.  Down that track is the US Silica plant.  Tons of Chessie sand cars are used in this area to supply the plant.  The extra cars are stored in the spurs just behind the station, on the left of this picture.  Since the little ACF type covered hoppers carry sand and are so characteristic of Chessie, this is a great fit of car type and industry for a model railroad.

Below are the first pics of the Hancock module.  There are three sections totalling 10 feet, but these pics only show two of the three.  Progress is being made on them now.  Ground was broken on Christmas Eve 2000.