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weaverton Harper's Ferry...
Below is the module through the Harper's Ferry.  The Harper's Ferry Tunnel module attaches to the left of this piece and the Shenandoah Junction module attaches on the right.

This part of the layout is almost half water.  The lower brigde is the double tracked main line of the East End.  The single track upper bridge is the Shenandoah Sub Division.  There are pylons in the Potomac River just above the single line bridge.  This is where the original bridge was before it got washed away in a flood.  Between the two lines, on the coast, is a natural depression.  The large black rectangle is the famous Harper's Ferry train station.

Also note that the Shenandoah Sub exits the layout through the backdrop.  This will also be the staging for the N&W trains on the Shenandoah Jct module.  This will provide a place for trains to enter and leave the layout in a prototypical manner.