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Ivan's models Ivan Stasa's models...
Ivan sent me these pics of his models.  He has been working on his layout since 1993.  It is based in and around the Grafton, WV area.
He just added these two new Atlas GP40's.  The pic is just before TQ tower on his layout.  He plans to weather both of these soon.  The second pic is the same two locomotives sitting in Hardman yard.

Below it is steam day at the Burk and Stasha mine (named after Ivan's grandparents who ran a coal mine in Sand Fork, WV).  These are Athearn, Mikado, Bachmann, and Czech Parni locomotives.  Ivan likes to run steam too on his Chessie layout, which looks great to me.  Next is a pair of Atlas B&O S-2 switchers shifting some coal cars.

Below is a close up of B&O 9007, an Atlas S-2.  Next is a great overview shot of a steam loco pulling a string of Chessie coal cars.  This pic is strikingly similar to the 614T tests that the C&O did to see if high tech steam engines could be profitable.

Below is a good overview of the coal tipple on Ivan's layout.  The switchers are shoving loads out of the way while the string of Western Maryland hoppers gets loaded.