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Ken Miller's models Ken Miller's models...
Ken Miller is in the process of making an outstanding Chessie System layout based on the line from Cumberland to Pittsburg.  Check out his site at

Below are some pictures Ken sent of his work in progress.  Updated February 14, 2004.

Below is Rockwood, PA with a four unit lash up of Chessie power rounding the corner.

Below is the famous Chessie System diesel shop sign.

Below is the Cumberland turntable with several Chessie locomotives awaiting work.

Below is the fueling rack in Cumberland.

Below is the freigh car shops at Cumberland.

Below is a good shot of a C&O GP38 running past the yard.  Note it is about to run over the flange greasers before the curve.

Below is an "in progress" shot of Rockwood, PA.

Below is a photo of a B&O GP38 spotting cars at a coal mine.