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weaverton Martinsburg...
Below is the module through Martinsburg.  The Frog Hollow module attaches to the left of this piece and the York Hill module attaches on the right.

This part of the layout is centered around the yard at Martinsburg.  This was a stopping point for Amtrak as well as a minor storage yard for Chessie.  There were two enormous engine roundhouses at Martinsburg.  One unfortunately burned down in 1990.  But, during the Chessie era they would have been located just below the last track, at the bottom of this picture.  They are way too big to model here so I located them just off the area modeled.

During the Chessie Era the connection at Cherry Run with the old WM main line became increasingly important.  The facilities at Martinsburg saw a decrease in traffic as east bound coal trains left the East End at Cherry Run for the powerplants of the northeast.  Martinsburg was downgraded to a maintenance of way storage facility.

Also Martinsburg shows the Conrail interchange.  Here is the second of three interchanges with another railroad on the East End.  Conrail was the government subsidized company that took over several northeast railroads including Penn Central, New York Central, Reading, Lehigh Valley, and others.  The Conrail interchange is seen as an overpass in this module and the actual connection is made in the York Hill module.