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Obviously Matt knows what he is doing when it comes to Chessie modeling.  Having been modeling Chessie for the past 15 years, his experience shows through in these pics.  Matt runs the Chessie Car Shops for the Chessie System Historical Society.  Enjoy.  Please check out Matt's work at  Lots more pics of his stuff for your enjoyment.

Below is a John Whitmore picture of Matt's Chessie System - Western Maryland GP9 #5976.  It is a model of one of the former C&O units that got transferred to the WM.  The model is a Trains Unlimited shell and frame with Athearn trucks and a Mashima motor.

Below is another John Whitmore, this one is of Matt's Western Maryland SD40 #7596.  This model is an excellent example not only of the WM Speed paint scheme but how real consists of locomotives looked in the Chessie Era.  Notice there are three different paint schemes and at least two different railroads (WM & C&O) represented.  #7596 is an Overland brass model that Matt detailed.

Below are two Butch Eyler photos of Matt's Chessie System - B&O SD40-2 #7610.  It is an Athearn model that has been superdetailed with Cannon sub bases and a pile of other details.

Below is another Butch Eyler pic, this one is of Matt's Chessie System - B&O GP9 #6586.  The model is also a Trains Unlimited shell and frame with Athearn trucks and Mashima motor.

The last model of Matt's is this Butch Eyler photo of an Athearn Wide Vision Chessie System Safety Caboose.  #3143 is the only safety caboose to have had its ends painted yellow not silver.