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p2kcabin Proto 2000 WM Cabin...
Proto 2000 makes a very good Northeast style cabin.  But, if you want to make it even more accurate you will need to make a few color changes.  Don't worry, it is easy, won't take you long, and is fun.  In just a little while you will have a nearly perfect Western Maryland caboose riding the rails.

The Western Maryland and C&O had Northeast style cabins.  The Proto 2000 (P2K) model comes in several road numbers.  Mine came in Chessie WM #1828.  Below is a real pic of the unit.

How to improve a Proto 2000 WM Cabin:
1.  Remove the caboose from the box.  This may sound easy, but be careful, some of the little parts can easily break off.
2.  There are no phyiscal problems to speak of with this cabin.  However we need to paint the following to get the colors right.
a. The smokestack is blue not black.
b. The undercarriage, wheels and steps are blue not black.
c.  The window frames are orange not red
d.  The ladders and grab irons are orange not red.
e.  The end platforms are yellow not black.
f.  The doors are grey not yellow.
g.  The thin stripe between the roof and sides is orange not red.
h.  The edge of the roof at both ends are orange not silver.
3.  That's about it.  Weather the roof a little and drybrush the wheels with a little light grey and you are set.  In next to no time you have a nerly perfect Northeast Style cabin.  If you want it to look like the picture above, which was taken after the period the model below is, fill in the inside big windows with plastic and paint them yellow.  This will show the modification for the bullet proof glass law that was made during the Chessie Era.  Also the WM went to the 6 digit numbers in the above pic, so renumber it too.