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Proto 2000 Flat Car Review Life-Like Proto 2000 50' Flat Car...
Another fine addition to the Life-Like high end series (Proto 2000 sub-brand name) is the 50' flat car.  This kit is readily available at any hobby store and sells for around $10.  This is a fabulous kit with only one glaring problem, it does not come decorated in any WM, B&O, or C&O paint schemes right now.  Hopefully a second or third release of this kit will, but for now you need to decorate your own.
This kit meets the 80% standard I have for being protypically correct.

Below is a pic of the real thing.  It is a Dean Heacock picture.


I have done two of these.  Both came in the 1950's WM paint scheme.  I repainted them to match 1970's era photos I had.  You will need to strip off, or paint over, the original lettering and decal it to match a WM paint job.

The kit is easy to put together.  Its' frame is metal so it is a nicely weighted car.  The wood deck on the top comes pre-weathered, which cuts down on the work you have to do.

Below are pics of mine.