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Proto 2000 Northeast Cabin Proto 2000 Northeast Cabin...
Proto 2000 (Life-Like) makes an excellent northeast cabin.  It is the best on the market.  This kit was originally released in 1991 as one of P2K's very first offerings.  It was extremely popular, and was rereleaesd in 2000 with new paint jobs and some minor changes.  Both releases came with a Chessie WM offering.  The lastest release has atleast two numbers offered.  Mine, seen below, is from the 1991 release.  You can expect to pay $20-30 for one of these.  The 1991 should be a little cheaper than the new releases.  The new releases are still flying off the shelves, so expect to pay full price.  They are expensive, but they are almost perfect for Chessie's WM cabins, so you must have one.

The WM only had 105 or so cabooses, so there is no need to get more than one or two of these.  You can buy an undecorated one and modify it for a C&O northeast style caboose.  The WM did sell around 8-10 of their cabooses to the C&O, so having a C&O northeast one would be good too.

Below are two Dean Heacock pics of Chessie WM and C&O NE Cabins.

Below is my P2K Northeast cabin.  To see a complete article on how I did this caboose see the tips page.
There are no structural problems with this kit of any significance.  What you will need to do is paint some of the parts the correct colors.  The kit comes decorated with very sharp lettering and a nice shade of yellow.  This kit is well worth the money.