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Athearn Phase II GP40-2 Phase II GP40-2...
Chessie purchased many GP40-2s over the course of their existance.  Units 4100-4246, including GM50 and 1977 are Phase I GP40-2s.  Units 4247-4447 are Phase II GP40-2s.  To make a Phase II unit will require some work.  The biggest difference in phases is the new 88 inch nose on the Phase IIs.   Any Chessie layout needs more of this type of engine than every other one combined.  Over half of your units should be GP40-2s if you are to have a prototypical locomotive roster.

The Athearn kit is still a good start.  But you will need to do some cutting and sanding to make it a good model of a phase II unit.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of 4447, the last GP40-2 and the one I will model.  These units came with the slotted battery boxes, so that too will need to be added.  This unit carried the stencil "Arch McCleavy" under the road number for some years (not seen in this photo), as a tribute to the B&O king of engines.