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Bev-Bel's PS1 Boxcars Bev-Bel's PS1 Boxcars...
Years ago Bev-Bel made the only accurate PS1 boxcar on the market.  This isn't the case anymore, but I purchased these kits solely for their accuracy.  They are nearly perfect matches for the classes that they are numbered for.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of a WM one.  Note the Bev-Bel kit as delivered does not have the consolidated stencil (two black squares outlined in white), wheel inspection dot (black square with yellow circle to the right of consolidated stencils) or ACI decals.  These will need to be added.

How to make a PS1 Boxcar:
1.  Assembly is critical here.  There are many little detailed parts.  Take your time, cut them off carefully and try not to break them.  There are lots of parts you may not want to include.  From prototype photos I found out that most of them were not on Chessie cars.
2.  Cut the ladders in half.  The roofwalks were removed from these cars and the side ladders only went half way up the car.
3.  Apply end numbers to the car for a more protoypical look.
4.  Apply consolidated stencil and ACI decals (if you can find them, I couldn't find ACI decals and finshed mine without them).
5.  Weather by giving a nice dark wash to the roof.  Overspray the car with a dark grey and the bottom quarter with tan.
6.  Dry brush the roof, trucks, and the door for added contrast.
7.  You are done.

Below are pics of my PS1's in work.  Enjoy.
The end numbers are on the other two (not pictured) and the B&O one.  I am working on finishing putting the end numbers on the two WM ones.  See bottom pic to see what the end numbers look like.  I still need to add consolidated stencils and ACI cards, then weather them to be done with this project.

Below are the finished products.  The roofs have been weathered lots and the sides oversprayed with dark grey to make them look less royal blue and more dark blue.  The consolidated stencil decals were added before weathering.