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Bachmann quasi reefer Bachmann Quasi Reefers....
Bachmann used to make some of the cheapest and least accurate stuff out there.  Their silver series and Spectrum stuff are steps in the right direction.  But what do you do if you get a Bachmann all yellow boxcar for Christmas.  Easy, you make a reefer out of it.  Well, a quasi reefer.  The markings are just right for a reefer, but they are close.

Below are two pics of real Chessie reefers.  One is a C&O and one a WM.  Both are really the color of the photo on the right.  The photo on the left is really a dark exposure.  Notice the blue sides and roof.  Both are Dean Heacock pics.

How to make a Bachmann quasi reefer:
1.  The Bachmann car comes assembled.
2.  Since this is only a quasi reefer we won't worry much about perfection.
3.  Tape off the yellow sides and paint the ends and roof yellow.
4.  Weather the sides with an overspray of dark grey or tan
5.  Use an eraser over the car.  What is left can easily be seen in the left picture below.  The rivet lines and door hinges really stand out.  This is how the dirt and grime collect on the real car and it looks good.
6.  Overspray a light tan along the bottom.  I did this heavily on the car on the right.
7.  Apply a dark grey or black wash to the roof.
8.  Drybrush the roof a lighter shade of blue or light grey to accent the detail.
9.  Seal it all with clear flat.
10.  You are done.  In no time you can have a quasi reefer on your rails.  Don't throw away that prototypically incorrect car, do a little modifing and make it something to be proud of.