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Athearn Hoppers Retired Cars...
Below are photos of my cars that no longer make the standard and have been removed from service.

Retired Boxcars
Bachmann Chessie B&O 11147 (This kit comes with an inaccurate Chessie paint job.  Structurally, it is close to the B-053 insulated boxcar, but requires repainting.  That is what I did to mine.)

Bev-Bel/Athearn Chessie C&O 19275 (This kit comes custom painted in a fictitious all yellow scheme from Bev-Bel.  They also offer a bogus all brown scheme.  Structurally, the car is close to some C&O MofW boxcars.  I repinted mine into such a scheme.  As for the 19XXX road number, the Front Range car is much more accurate for that class.)

Retired Hoppers
Con-Cor Chessie C&O 157002, 162012, 172025 (This kit is not accurate for any class of Chessie hopper.  It can not be easily salvaged and you should not buy these kits.)

Retired Cabooses
These cabooses have been removed from the roster.  They do not meet my standard today.
901802 (C-13A)
901806 (C-13A)
901811 (C-13A)
C-3003 (C-24)
903010 (C-24)
903035 (C-24)