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Roundhouse 50 foot hi-cube boxcar Roundhouse 50foot hi-cube boxcar...
Roundhouse makes a good 50 foot hi-cube boxcar.  These boxcars come with a higher roof to accomodate larger cargo inside.  All hi-cube boxcars come with a white stripe on the top of the ends.  This white end is not on the Roundhouse kit and will need to be added.  Also, the ends wrap around a little on the sides.  I failed to do this on my car, as I did not know enough about Chessie when I painted this one.

I paid around $8 for mine.  I don't know how accurate it is for the Chessie cars, as I cannot find a picture of a 50 foot hi-cube now.  I did this kit long before I was concerned with accuracy.  For now, it just looks good.  I would recommend this kit, just as a stand in for now.  When I know more about these cars I will update this kit review.

Below is my one and only Roundhouse 50 foot hi-cube.  I just assembled it, painted the ends white, and weathered it.  The consolidated stencil should be black with white writing.  It is currently blue with white writing.  A small inaccuracy that you can easily correct with a correct decal over the one you see below.  I also added the end numbers on the white stripe, like all hi-cubes.