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Roundhouse Small PS Covered Hopper Roundhouse Small PS Covered Hopper...
Roundhouse makes a fairly good small Pullman-Standard Covered Hopper.  The only problem is, Bowser makes a better one for about the same money.  Roundhouse's kit will cost you around $6-7 and Bowser's $7-8.

The Roundhouse kit is fairly accurate for the WM class it is numbered for.  Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real thing.

Below is my Roundhouse kit.  The color yellow it too much of a lemon yellow and not a golden yellow like it should be.  This is a hard problem to overcome.  Your only real hope is to weather it alot and try and hide the lemon yellow shade.  I stay away from any lemon yellow kits now.  I bought this kit early on in my Chessie modeling days, and wouldn't buy it today with what I know.  It just isn't a good yellow.  If you saw this car next to all my properly painted ACF covered hoppers you would see it stands out like a sore thumb.
The lettering is fairly good, I added the ACI decal and might have added the consolidated stencil.  I did add end numbers too for a more realistic look.  Most manufacturers forget this detail.  Small covered hoppers like this usually haul sand or cement and it spills out on the car and makes the white streaks you see below.  I also rusted the roof like heck, to not only hide the lemon yellow color, but to make it look more like the prototype above.  Also the kit comes with a yellow underside, it needs to be painted black like the prototype above.