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Trailers on Flat Cars.  Chessie's original Intermodal cars.  These cars were the predecessors to todays well cars and doublestacks.

I have done only a few of the TOFC cars.  The actual flat cars were actually owned by TTX and not Chessie, so technically the cars are not Chessie models.  Generally speaking Trailer Train had two paint schemes during the Chessie era.  The boxcar red cars were the older cars and were painted in the 60's.  The more familiar yellow Trailer Train scheme (seen with the Chessie trailers below) started around 1970.  A normal Chessie TOFC train (or Trailer Jet as the B&O called them) would have about 80% yellow and 20% boxcar red cars.  The red cars tended to be the 85 foot cars for carrying two 40 foot trailers and the longer 89 foot cars tended to be yellow (for two 45 foot trailers).

Below are two trailers that are old Athearn kits.  They are both factory painted in the original C&O Trailer Service paint scheme.  The B&O has a similar scheme, also dating from teh 60's.  I found a picture of a C&O trailer that had been transferred to the B&O.  The pic showed the trailer with B&O reporting marks with a C&O paint job.  It is shown as the back trailer in this photo.  The exhaust stains are black overspray.  Remember, in the 70's the EPA wasn't such a big deal and semi-trailers belched smoke.  This gives them a nice used look too.  Trailers don't get alot of tender loving care.  Also, this is an older Trailer Train boxcar red paint schemed car.  It is an 85 foot car and holds two 40 foot trailers.  These trailers did last into the early 1980's, but the Chessie trailers were dominant at that time.   

<>Below are two WM trailers.  These did exist into the early 80's.  Note the ACI cards on them, this railroad tracking system even extended to trailers.   They are custom painted and decaled trailers.

Below are two 45 foot Chessie trailers on an unfinished yellow Trailer Train car.  These are old Front Range kits that I added some extra decals too and painted the correct parts of the trailer silver.  These are 45 foot trailers that were just coming into existence in the early 80's.  A good mix of 40 and 45 foot trailers is representative of a 1982 Trailer Jet.  Chessie had about 20 40ft Trailers for every one 45ft trailer in the roster I have.

Below is a close up of the end of a Chessie trailer.  Mine have Chessie mudflaps too.