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On any Chessie Trailer Train (TOFC), only about 5% of the trailers would be Chessie marked.  That means you will need dozens and dozens of other roads trailers.  In 1982 the 45' trailer had just been released.  Most trains had a mix of 40 and 45 footers, with 40 footers still dominating.  There were no 48 or 53 foot trailers (the standard today) in 1982.  There were a few 20' containers on chassis too.

There is very little information out there on trailer companies that shipped on railroads in the early 1980's.  After watching videos and searching through dozens of photos I've focused my trailer modeling on trailers I know existed.  Common other railroad trailers that showed up on the East End were MILW, AT&SF, BN, Conrail and SP.  However, railroad owned trailers accounted for only about 25% of the total trailers.  The other 75% were owned by shipping companies.  APL is one of the biggest and most easily recognizable. 

Below is the American President Lines (APL) trailers I have done.  It was a very common company to see on Chessie TOFC trains.  All were decaled by me using Microscale Decals.

Also, very common was the Transamerica company.  Con-Cor offers the 40' trailer on top.  It is a bit toyish, but can be painted silver where appropriate, weathered and made into a reasonable model.  The trailer below is a Front Range 45' trailer I stripped and custom decaled.  Microscale offers the decals, but the version shown is the full length blue and red stripe.  Many, many trailers from Transamerica had this shortened blue and red stripe paint scheme.

Below are some railroad owned trailers in 1982 paint schemes.  I bought the BN and MILW ones assembled and decorated and only weathered them.   They are 45 ' trailers.  The L&N and PC trailers were painted and decaled by me.  The two WM trailers did make it to the Chessie Era, though they were on their last legs.  They too are painted and decaled by me.

Below is a very common railroad owned trailer, but for a railroad few of us know.  The NAC was quite common on early Chessie trains.  I did two 45' trailers with Microscale decals.