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Making trees is easy.  Don't spend a fortune buying Woodland Scenic or other brands of trees.  I made these 20 for just a few dollars and in about one hour.  If you are going to put the proper number of trees on a home layout, a cheap was of making trees is essential.  This little forest was so quick, I have another 20 already in works.  I look continuously for these sort of delicate looking foliage around the house.

How to:
1.  Find natural plants that look like little trees.  I found these in my back yard, but you can also find similar foliage in the dried flower section of a Michael's type arts and crafts store.
2.  Paint the top of the tree with flat black paint.  You can also use dark grey.  The dark color adds depth.  Brown might appear a logical choice, but it looks fake when done.
3.  Dip the wet tree into a fine foam color of your choice.
4.  Sprinkle extra foam on any parts you are not satisfied with.
5.  Shake off excess.
6.  If you want a variation of color, take some of the trees and overspray them with black, brown, yellow or white paint.  Just enough to slightly change the color.
7.  Stick in a piece of foam to dry.
8.  Plant in your layout by drilling a small hole and adding some superglue.

Below are the trees as I picked them out of the yard.

Below is the starting tree on the left.  The next one has been painted black.  The tree on the right is being rolled into the green foam.

Below I used blended turn woodland scenics foam to fill out the tree.  The right is a finished tree.

Below are several finished trees.  The tree on the right has a black overspray, the one to its' left has a brown overspray.  The ones in the middle have no overspray.  All used the same blended turf for the leaves.