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waffle Walthers Waffle Sided Boxcar...
Walthers offers a very nice waffle sided boxcar.  They come in both B&O and Chessie paint schemes.  This is a typical one night project.  We just need to slap it together, weather it, and get it out on the rails.

Below is a typical Chessie waffle sided boxcar.

How to do a Waffle Sided Boxcar:
1.  Glue the weight to the floor.
2.  Screw in the underframe, wheels, and couplers
3.  Weather with a washes of brown and dark grey on the roof.  Rust it if you like.  Overspray the whole car with dark grey or black.  Light tan or grey overspray on the bottom 1/4 and whalla.  You are in business.

Below are two of my waffle sided box cars.  The first is a B&O one that I left the door open.  Not too many cars travel with their doors open, but some do.  I liked the interior of this car and painted it light grey.  The next pic is of a Chessie car with a nice rusted roof.  But what is really subtle is the overspray of blue around the edge.  This car was originally painted for the C&O and repainted in Chessie blue.  To simulate this I just gently sprayed some blue arunt the edge of the roof.  This is a common look for a car that was repainted.