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waltherscoilcar Walthers Coil Car...
Walthers makes an excellent coil car.  Since the C&O owned the largest fleet of these cars in the US, and B&O the second, you need lots of these.  Luckily they are really easy to do.

The kit was originally released with angled yellow Chessie coil hoods or light grey C&O or B&O hoods.  Walthers has recently rereleased the kit with curved hoods (none modeled yet here).  The new rounded hoods do not come factory painted in any C&O or B&O scheme, but hopefully Walthers will produce some soon.  You can buy spare round hoods and paint them yourselves.  I have painted four spare hoods, seen below, in the all blue predecessor paint jobs of the B&O and C&O as well as the blue angled Chessie hoods.

Below is a pic of a real coil car.

How to:
1.  Purchase as many C&O or B&O lettered coil car kits as you can get your hands on.
2.  CAR: Assemble as per the instructions.
3.  CAR: Replace the consolidated stencil with a proper white and black version (use a decal).  The car is delivered with one in yellow and blue which is not prototypical.
4.  HOODS:  Assemble the hoods with the exception of the metal rods that run along the sides.
5.  HOODS:  Spray the hoods with gloss coat on the ends.  Add small "B&O" or "C&O" letters.
6.  HOODS:  Spray the hoods with dull coat and weather.  Use streaks of rust colors, concentrated heavily on the top.
7.  CAR: Weather the car with oversprays of dark grey.  Paint the wheel faces rusty colors.
8.  CAR & HOODS:  When done weathering, spray the hoods and car with dull coat and seal in the weathering.
9.  HOODS: Carefully superglue on the metal rods along the hoods and lightly streak with rust colors.
10.  You are done, enjoy your coil car.

Below are two pics of the finished car.  The pic on the left shows a Grand Trunk hood and an original C&O painted hood.  The pic on the right shows both sides of the yellow angled coil hoods.  It also shows the end lettering that I added.

Below are two blue angled hoods showing the second paint job the C&O and B&O had for their coil hoods.

Below is a pic of the blue angled Chessie hoods with C&O end lettering.