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wmflat Chessie WM 50' flat car...

There are only four classes of 50' flat car on the Chessie roster.  Three are C&O and one is WM.  This project is a simple way to take a toy flat car and turn it into a decent stand in for the WM class.

I found a prototype photo of this car on p.44 of the Morning Sun Chessie System Color Guide.

How To:
1.  Find a Life-Like AT&SF 50' flat car.  Generally this will cost you about a $1.
2.  Remove the trucks.  Cut off the couplers from the trucks.
3.  Glue Kadee coupler boxes to the bottom of the car.
4.  Gently sand off the road # and lettering.  Careful not to damage the rivet detail.
5.  Paint the car black.
6.  Apply Testors gloss coat.  When dry, decal with Chessie flat car set.
7.  Seal the decals, when dry, with Testors dull coat.

Below is what the car looks like out of the box, but without its trucks. The detial is suprisingly good on the deck and even underneath for such a cheap car.

Below is the side sanded and ready for paint.

Below is a shot of the finished car.  The car is not perfect for this WM class, but it is close enough.  Flat cars have very small sides so the incorrect details are easy to hide.