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2 WM Flat Cars 2 Western Maryland Flat Cars...
Proto 2000 makes a great Western Maryland (WM) flat car kit.  The only problem is that the kit comes in the original WM paint scheme with the circular logo.  I decided that these two flat car kits needed to be stripped and repainted.

Below are the two real flat cars I chose to model.  They are both Dean Heacock pics.


How to make 2 WM Flats:
1.  Apply Polly Scale ELO to the sides of the WM flats and wait for the paint to soften.  The white paint is the only one that will come off.  It may take you multiple applications.  I use a Q-tip to apply the ELO and let it sit for atleast 15 minutes.  You don't need to strip all of the lettering, just the circular logo and original "WM 2601" and "WM 2638" numbers, and all the data lettering in between the logo and numbers.
2.  Wipe clean the models with a wet paper towel.  Rince thoroughly with soap and water and set aside to dry.
3.  Paint the red section on WM 2458.  I did this with a mix of caboose red and maroon.
4.  Spray the sides with glosscoat.
5.  Apply decals for new WM side numbers, capacity data, and logos.  Also add appropriate wheel inspection dots and Consolidated Stencils.  I used Microscale WM boxcar decals for the numbers and Microscale WM Caboose decals for the long "Western Maryland" logo on WM 2703.
6.  Spray the sides with dull coat.
7.  Drybrush the sides with dark grey, dark maroon, and shades of light grey.  This is done to match the weathered look of the real flat cars.  Go heavier on the WM 2458 then on the WM 2703.
8.  Assemble the car as per the directions.
9.  Weather the grab irons you just added, so they blend in with the rest of the car.
10. Spray the whole car with dull coat.
11.  You are done.  Enjoy your flat cars.

Below is a pic of the two flat cars out of the box.

Below are finished pics of my two flat cars.