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weaverton York Hill...
Below is the module through York Hill.  The Martinsburg module attaches to the left of this piece and the Cumbo module attaches to the bottom.

This section shows the actual connection with the Conrail line.  If needed this may be the end of the line oriented with south being down.  I may redesign the line to the west of here to run with north being up.  But how may you ask could I do such a thing??  Well simple really, I would run these two tracks through a helix.  A helix is just a track that spirals up to a higher elevation.  Then I could exit the track basically on top of this module heading the other directions.  Trains heading west on the second level would head to the left when they are now heading right on this level (up to this point).  The problem is that the Cherry Run section coming up has a major spur heading off towards the inside of the layout and not toward the backdrop.  You can see the tracks from Cherry Point in this picture.  A helix and a double decked layout would solve this problem.  Also the East End climbs in elevation heading West towards Cumberland, so a two decked layout would really drive home that the second half of the East End is at a higher elevation then the first half.