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The New Railroad
The New Railroad



Chessie System History as of January 1982 (re-written)


In 1982 The Seaboard System Railroad and the Chessie System Railroad planned a merger that would become CSX Transportation.  The Susquehanna RR, with the assistance of CP Rail made a move to break up the ill-fated Guilford by attempting to acquire the D&H.


Two major Chessie stockholders who opposed the CSX merger, Paul Chiacchierini and Ed Martin, bought the majority of the B&O and C&O stock assisted by American Coal Enterprises founder Russ E. Rowlands.  The Consortium needed a way to advance north and south.  They decided to out bid the CP giant for the D&H and purchase controlling interest in the RF&P and the CNJ.  A deal was struck with the other stockholders of CSX to sell off the western half of the Chessie System through Russell, KY and Cincinnati, OH in exchange for the north east end of the system.

On September 27, 1986, CSX began operations over trackage from the south east to Cincinnati, OH.  The new Chessie System began operations from Newport News, VA to Buffalo, NY.  The Potomac & Chesapeake Sub extends from Newport News, VA to Richmond, VA over former RF&P trackage to Washington, DC.  The Met stays intact from DC to Chicago.  At Maryetta, OH (Just outside of Pittsburgh), the Mountain Sub extends to Ellenport, OH.  The Lakes Sub links Ellenport to Buffalo, NY.  The eastern end of the system extends north of Washington, DC through Baltimore and Philadelphia to New York City on the Chesapeake North Subdivision (The Royal Blue Line).  At Baltimore the line branches north to York, PA and over the former D&H through Binghamton, NY, across the southern tier to Buffalo.

The modeled portion of the line extends north from Baltimore’s Bayview yard, through Camden, NJ.


The track plan incorporates all of my key features on a small scale.  When I get more space I will model the entire Chesapeake North Division (loosely based on the B&O Royal Blue Line to Camden, NJ).  The current plan has Mount Claire Baltimore on the left with a passenger station.  City fascia buildings and a Baltimore backdrop will dominate the scene.  In the foreground will be a substantial locomotive servicing facility.  A branch line peals from the main servicing a salt plant and a power plant.  Staging passes through the roughed in bathroom to the family room and the staging yard is on a shelf behind the sleeper sofa.  NCE DCC will be the control system.



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