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Hopefully you'll enjoy this on-line version of my Chessie photo collection, but I'm hoping that if you do enjoy it, maybe you'll take the time to dig through your old photos and slides to see if you can help me out. I fell just short in my goal to get a photo of every unit in Chessie paint, only missing it by a few units (soon to be down to 3!). Time ran out on me on a couple units as they became renumbered or repainted for CSX too quickly, but many units were retired from the roster due to wrecks and failures much earlier. If you have any photos of the following in Chessie paint, I would love to post them here and give you the proper credit. Thanks.

Units Needed in Chessie Paint
C&O SW9 5242 ...update pending!
C&O SW9 5264 ...update pending!
C&O GP7 5784
B&O GP9 5998
C&O GP9 6084 ...update pending!
C&O GP9 6194 ...update pending!
C&O GP9 6260 ...update pending!
B&O GP9 6502 ...update pending!
B&O GP9 6542 ...update pending!
B&O GP9 6577 ...update pending!
B&O SW1 8413 ...update pending!
B&O S2 9010 ...update pending!
B&O NW2 9530
B&O SW9 9605 ...update pending!
B&O SW9 9613 ...update pending!
B&O SW9 9617 ...update pending!

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