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Chillicothe Depot


 The Chillicothe Depot is located on Santa Fe Way, (great name!), is the former Amtrak station. (I was emailed a more comprehensive description of the Chillicothe Depot from an ex-Chillicothe Resident, and as soon as I get the time, I will post what they had to say.) 

At one time, the Chillicothee Station was a busy station for passengers goint to and from Peoria, Illinois, but now it is nothing more than a vaccant building. To the right of the double mainline, there was once a large yard and a small facility where engine where held and sometimes repaired. Now, unfortunately it is nothing more than a small two track siding for freight cars servicing nearby industry's which you can see in the right hand corner of the picture above.

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Ex-Santa Fe 911 was sitting at at the west end of the Chillicothe yard. ATSF 911 was waiting for an eastbound intermodal train to pass on the number one track.
BNSF 8628 was the second unit behind ATSF 911. Surprisingly this unit appears to have been cleaned recently. Wow!
   This train caught me off guard. We were expecting to see a normal auto rack train, but I was more than surprised to see an entire train of BNSF automax carriers. This train was over a mile long, and was full of brand new BNSF automax cars. I have another picture of this train from head-on and the rear-end. Hopefully I will get those scanned soon.
This is the train that passed the parked ATSF 911.

Penrtex has a pretty good video that concentrates on the ex-Santa Fe mainline. You can click on the image below to go to the Pentrex site...

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